exactly what you'll discover with the Gen2® elevator from Otis. Comfort. Our systems minimize noise and vibration and render the elevator's movement barely . The Gen2 elevator system has the style, comfort and speed needed to ensure passengers experience your building to the fullest. With space-saving architectural. system has the style, comfort and speed needed to ensure OTIS GEN2 OVERVIEW for the Gen2 elevator to no larger than the hoistway footprint, reducing.

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    Otis Gen2 Comfort Pdf

    Consult Otis Italy's Gen2® Comfort brochure on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/2. GeN2 T M Comfort CONVENTIONAL DRIVE CONVENTIONAL STEEL ROPES REGENTM VF DRIVE LANDING CABINET FLEXIBLE COATED STEEL BELTS. Genesis offers the essentials of modern elevator technology while optimizing your budget. MAXIMIZE COMFORT AND SILENT OPERATIONS. With Otis Gen2 ®.

    Its safety, robustness, reliability, availability and lifetime comply with the high requirements of the public transport sector in accordance with all international codes. Design - Different balustrade designs allow optimal adaptations to the application and architecture. Safety and Comfort - Safety is optimized in the handrail entry and with the mm high balustrades. The vandal-resistant sound isolated sandwich design used for the interior panels and the step chain manufactured by Otis guarantees low noise, reduced Aprire il catalogo a pagina 2 Protection of passengers - Brushes prevent objects from getting caught between the steps and skirt panels.

    In order to optimise hoistway efficiency, the design offers variable car dimensions from 2 to 8 passengers.

    Flexibility is further enhanced as the counterweight can be located either at the rear or at the side of the hoistway. Additionally, because of the compact design, overhead and pit dimensions are minimised.

    Shown in the two tables, for simplicity s sake, are 50 mm increments. In the past, regulations did not require lifts to be installed in low rise buildings with less than 6 stops. But with an ageing population, such buildings provide restrictions for the elderly, for the disabled and for people carrying loads or children. The GeN2 Flex system effectively removes all such constraints. Economically, too, the installation of a new lift in an existing building offers important incentives.

    Because not only does it increase the overall value of a property but it enhances rental potential as well. Whatever the type or age of the building, the GeN2 Flex system is designed to provide a highly efficient solution. As the GeN2 Flex lift has no machine room, space savings are achieved. With a cantilever configuration, only one bearing wall is needed. Offering either back or side counterweight configurations, the car depth or width can be as small as mm which allows installation in very small hoistways.

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    As the machine is fixed on the rails, loads are transferred down to the pit which reduces the stress on the building. This allows the GeN2 Flex system to be installed in hoistways with different types of walls such as brick, concrete or a steel tower with metallic or glass panels.

    Importantly, too, the system can be installed on the interior or the exterior of the building.

    AFTER The drawbacks associated with old lifts are numerous. Lack of reliability, poor ride quality, inconsistent floor levelling, outdated aesthetics and limited accessibility are typical criticisms. With the latest state-of-the-art technology, the GeN2 Flex system comprehensively resolves all the design, comfort and accessibility issues.

    Superior ride quality and stopping accuracy. Maximised lift car dimensions. Improved accessibility by enlarging the door opening or upgrading a manual door to an automatic door. Reduced operating costs through lower energy consumption.

    A green product with no polluting lubricants. Panels, door frames and the telescopic door surround are supplied in either a choice of stainless steel finishes or with a prime coat finish ready for painting on site. The manual door panel can be glazed. Four panel centre-opening Three panel telescopic side-opening 10 An extensive range of car designs provides solutions to differing aesthetic needs.

    OPTIMA The Optima car perfectly illustrates the notion that elegance can be achieved through simplicity - provided it s based on an inspired idea. In the Optima design s case, the idea is embodied by the car operating panel actually illuminating the car. Besides bathing the car in a soft diffused light, the panel also acts as a focal point for passengers. The design of the COP is of course critical. With a curved faceplate, it is both simple and handsome.

    Chicklets with solid stainless steel target buttons add a touch of luxury as well as providing increased reliability. Important to the refined appearance are the car panels themselves. In three finishes for different market needs, they are pleasing to the eye and easy to maintain. In fact it is the balance between the aesthetic and the practical that defines the Optima car. Landing fixtures: Actua with red LED technology. Thanks to low harmonic distortion, this recycled energy provides clean power minimizing impact to your building's electrical system.

    All this helps to make By taking an in-depth look at all sources of noise and vibration, Otis engineers designed the Gen2 system with passenger and tenant comfort in mind. The result is a ride experience with noticeably less vibration and noise.

    Minimal impact on the jobsite. With all major components located inside the hoistway, the Gen2 system allows for more flexibility and reduced cost.

    Innovative technologies let Otis engineers precisely identify or anticipate possible issues. And when our mechanics arrive at customer sites, they are prepared to make repairs quickly and efficiently.


    It provides advance notice of belt wear by detecting the slightest weakness. Open the catalog to page 10 At Otis, reliability is the hallmark of exceptional design. Site Commissioning Manual Pack DCSTest run began, the elevator door at the bottom of the switch operation, testingDWCircuit inputs and safety features, and then run up to the next level, to switch the operation of the door, so repeat the above steps have been run to the top. Followed by the serverM, Then enter the elevator call signal, according to the floor to call the number keys.

    Call the elevator from the bottom to the top floor, elevator running to the middle layer, the control panel to read through the drive inverter output current refer to specific methods of operation Balance coefficient is adjusted.

    Position of the normal operation of the adjustment of leveling Flat layer of electrical adjustment, should ensure that the mechanical flapper door area have been adjusted. Half a car.

    Run down layer by layer, recording layer of each square error, according to the average of the error correctionF16 Downward Adj. If you rush to decrease the value, whereas the increase. Run up layer by layer, recording layer of each level error correction based on the average errorF15 Upward Adj. Leveling position adjustment is completed.

    Reset run time position of the flat layerAdjustment Elevator with a server to a non-arbitrary ground floor. To confirm the bottom flat layer error, if the car above the flat floor position, the reducedF35Values, whereas the increaseF35Value. Reset leveling adjustment is completed.

    Brake adjusting device Brake device confirm the general power to open spaceBOBHas been pushed, and confirmed Brake device battery outputP1Plug has been inserted. Check Brake deviceThe plug-inIs connected, and confirm the codeEncoder cable is connected.

    Environmentally friendly solutions for a wide range of building types and applications worldwide.

    Debug Express running in the elevator after the power failure in the case of the elevator, the device can be tested, the working process is roughly: The Brake-specific key turn the key switchBRB1, PressElectronic boardBrake button on the looseBRB2, Then turn on the brake, the elevator car will be based on the weight box and unbalanced upward or downward movement, when the car speed reaches the set value of the box 0. This process is repeated until the tank car to run to the flat floor.

    Brake device in the working process, you can use electronicLight board to observe the Unpublished Work Copyright? Executed at least2, if the speed and current are normal, indicating that successful positioning. If the velocity anomalies occur at any time as Speed or significantly increase the current trendOr there"Over Current", "speed inconsistent" fault alarm, then positioning is not successful, the positioning operation can be again.

    If you still positioning is not successful, you need to check the following link. Drive in the encoder settings are correct, see the drive parameter table; Whether the encoder cable open circuit, short circuit; Encoder linesAllThe connection is solid and reliable; Encoder InstallationOr the encoder itself is defective. Car top inspection switch is hit by the maintenance of normal conditions. Did not complete the check in the start gate DCS Before the operation, normal operation is not allowed.

    Change the top, bottom parameters, need to re-DCSOperation.

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